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Fourth Annual Winchester Convention

October 9-11, 2009 Denver, CO

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Winchester Con 2009
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Supernatural fangirl convention. By the fangirls for the fangirls.
This is the community for the Supernatural Conventions past (Nashville '06, LA '07, Baltimore '08, Denver '09)

The '09 merch is still available here. 10% of all proceeds will be donated to the Denver Dumb Friends League. '08 merch is still available here.

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Mistress List of '09 Con Attendees

Details for the 2009 con:

CITY: Denver, CO

DATES: October 9-11, 2009

HOTEL: Renaissance Hotel

DENVER 09 CHARITY: Denver Dumb Friends Animal League Stay tuned for details on how we're helping them out.

EVENTS: Panels and vid presentations Friday and Saturday, Second Annual Tinhat Pageant, Wincon Road House (now with 50% moar booze!), and (drum roll please)...

Announcing the First Annual WINPROM.

On Saturday night, we hosted a full on, themed (Apocalypse Suite), semi-formal prom with music, food, spiked punch, prom pictures, and charity raffle. We got out the taffeta and partied down!


Convention Admission

REGISTRATION FEE: $100 by check, $105 through Paypal. Registration Deadline: September 15th. Cancellation deadline: August 31st.


The rate for a king or a double was $109 per night.

The rate extended 3 days before and after the convention.

Con Fee Payment Methods:

DON'T FORGET to include your real name (first and last) and your lj name with your payment. Check writers can write this info on the face of the check. Paypallers can answer the question on the pay now button or leave it in "Special Instructions." If you are paying for more than one person, please include the information of every person you are paying for.

To pay by check, folks mailed their check (made out to "Jennifer Griffin") to:

Jennifer Griffin (that's me, coiledsoul)
511 S Oxford Ave #401
Los Angeles, CA 90020

To pay by paypal just enter your LJ name and click the 'pay now' button!

What is your LJ name?

Wincon is a by the fans, for the fans operation. Our goal is to provide an annual gathering for SPN fans (focused around the livejournal community but certainly anyone can come, we aren't too picky) to come and meet, hang out, discuss the show and the fic written about it, party and have a good time. In other words, a giant slumber party where we can all do the fannish things we do online in person and in our pajamas. No one from the show is affiliated with this convention, nor will there be any appearances by any show actors, writers, or other personnel.

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