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Seriously, it's THIS WEEK. How is this the fourth year? I just do not even know!

We're as excited as you are here at Wincon HQ. Maybe more so. Personally, I am contemplating the logistics of getting my prom dress to Denver (haha, oh crap!) and we're already looking ahead to next year (yeah, already!).

This is just a little reminder post of the dos and don'ts of Being In Public:

DO politely greet other hotels guests like a normal, socialized human being.
DON'T offer strangers a peek down your shirt.
DO remain dressed in all public spaces.
DON'T wear inflatable penii on your head in public spaces.
DO remember that we're responsible for your behavior and don't particularly enjoy awkward conversations with hotel staff about con attendees screaming about porn in the hotel restaurant/trying to blow hotel staff in the parking lot/barfing in potted plants/swinging from the rafters dressed as harbor seal furries.

We really enjoy ourselves at the con and want you to do the same, but please please please don't make us cry (me) from embarrassment or threaten your life (J). Let's party, but remember this is the real world and not an AU where I'm married to Dean no rules apply. So this is to say: get down in Wincon spaces as much as you can manage, but chill in spaces where civilians roam free (remember: even Sam and Dean can pass).

K & J
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Room Party Thread

Heya! Just think, this time next week we'll all be in the same hotel together! Yippie!

So some of you have emailed to ask about room parties and stuff. This here post is your chance to announce yours. If you are planning on hosting something in your room or some sort of outing over the weekend and you want the rest of us to know about it, please tell us all about it in comments here.
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Addressing matters what are important

As you may know (or may not), one of the panels Friday afternoon is "How to Survive the Apocalypse In Style." 

In the interest of making this interactive and as fun as possible, if you have a great tip, how-to, or other something you believe that anyone who still wishes to be alive once the apocalypse has gripped us by it's gory hands, please bring and share.  Rather than a Q&A at the end, there will be a sharing time. Just like in kindergarten, but with zombies.
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Hey, prom queens!

The attendee list is set, the prom decorations are on their way to Denver, and we're just counting down the days to see all your wonderful faces here at Wincon central.

We still need volunteers, mostly for the roadhouse. Please check the list and let us know when you can help out. Remember, each hour you commit to volunteering gets you an extra raffle ticket.

Here's a couple of things we want to make sure you guys know about the hotel and the area we're staying in this year:

Food and Beverage in walking distance from the hotel (at the shopping center across the road):

Sam's Club
Liquor Store
Country Buffet
Panda Express
Party City (for all your room party needs)
La Mariposa (Margaritas!!!)
Taste of Asia
Papa Johns (they deliver)
Rocky Wings

The Hotel also has a Starbucks, a bar, and a restaurant. You will be receiving two breakfast tickets for Saturday and Sunday morning to the breakfast buffet in the hotel restaurant. The buffet closes at 10, so be sure to shuffle downstairs before then.

Speaking of the hotel bar, the bartenders have concocted a couple of special drinks for us. They will be available in the lobby bar all weekend and at the bar at the prom on Saturday night for $6. Order them by name! They are:

The Dead Prom Queen -
cherry brandy
cranberry juice
splash cola

The Student Body -
splash pineapple juice
eyeball garnish

Just so it's been said once, outside food and drink is not allowed in the Prom on Saturday night. Please keep Roadhouse drinks in the Roadhouse over the weekend as much as possible. If the hotel staff has an issue with you and a cup or drink you may be carrying around, please be compliant.

High-Altitude Sickness:

As some of you may have guessed ;), Denver is a high-altitude city. This means that even the hardest drinker among us will be a lightweight over the weekend. (See here for more info on altitude sickness.) So please gauge yourself a little more carefully than normal. It's also really important to stay hydrated because of this. Water will be available in all our meeting rooms, plus the roadhouse where we will have gatorade mix for you to drink too.

Where the Hotel can take you via shuttle:

To and from the Airport. When coming out of the airport, please follow the signs to the second median and wait for the shuttle for Renaissance Denver on Quebec Street. The shuttle is 24/7 but if you are coming in very late, it's ok to call the hotel (303-800-1314) and let them know you're waiting. The ride is about 30 minutes one way, so please be patient.

The Shops at Northfield. Forget your dancing shoes? Take the shuttle here and find a new pair!

As always, if you have any questions, please email us at winchestercon at gmail or comment here directly.
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*cough* ahem

I was wondering if someone would make some icons for Wincon 09? I know SOMEONE must have the enthusiasm, time, and energy for this task? I know that since I'm sitting here hip deep in prom decorations looking at my suitcase thinking that SURELY I am not alone in my desire to comment on lj with an appropriate icon.

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Geeks like us

Some folks have expressed some concern about Prom Night. "Do I have to dress up?" "My prom was awful in High School! I don't wanna come!"

This party is for each and everyone of you. So yes, we're calling it a Prom. But really, if you wanna come in your PJs we think that's awesome. It's only a name and the real focus is for you guys to have a night with your fellow gals (and one guy!) to just have fun and celebrate the awesomeness of fandom. So no fears, only good times!
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it's rex manning day!

Hey, congoers! So I've updated the con attendee list for the final time (I hope!) Please check it and make sure I didn't miss your registration.

We're busy at con headquarters getting all the last minute decisions made for the grub and the booze and the decorations for Prom. If you have any questions or concerns, please shoot us an email.

A couple of reminders:

We still need volunteers! If you've got an hour to spare please post a comment there and let us know.

tjournal our raffle mistress is still accepting donations to our charity raffle here. If you have something to donate, please let her know. If it's the Jensen slave-bot you've been building in your basement though, you can send that info straight to Kassie.

Can I haz show now plz?
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Roadhouse programming

So this year we're going to have a bigger better roadhouse for y'all. The bar and snacks will be available during business hours (Fri 12-10, Sat 12-9, Sun 9-5). Part of the room will be set up for group AV viewing as well. If you would like to host a surprise!JDM marathon or a viewing of your epic collection of DooL clips, or gather some of your roommates for a knitting circle, please respond here with the time and day you would like to do this.

Keep in mind that this is for a small gathering (6-8 people) and while your event is going on, the bar will still be open in the other half of the Roadhouse. So if absolute silence is required for you to watch Dead and Breakfast for the 937th time, this would probably not be the place for that.

Also, the vid show will be aired and the 10/8 episode will be replayed on Friday in the con main room, but encores will also take place in the roadhouse on Saturday and Sunday. Air times tba.