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I could write a song

about how amazing this weekend was, but I don't know if there are words to do it justice. Every year you guys never fail to remind me exactly why we do this. My thanks to each of you.

Please use this post to link to your own post-con posts so we can all share. Also, don't forget to friend/memberize yourself over at the new con comm. Once we have the date and location set for next year, we will no longer be using this comm.

350 days to go!

Lost Items

I have some. If you contact me, I'll give you your stuff. I'm in the hotel lobby now, but if you've left or I am not here when you realize you lost your stuff, I'll send you your things.

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While the getting's good

The last day, LE SIGH.

The "Future of Wincon" panel just ended and a few announcements were made.

First: Wincon will be multi-fandom next year. If you have some ideas you'd like to share about that send them to our new email, winconhq at gmail dot com. Pitch us an idea (or a location since we haven't picked one yet) and we'll see where it goes.

Second: Today and today only this year's attendees are able to buy a ticket for $75 here in Denver for next year's con. So why not you too? Follow the link to our new con comm (don't forget to friend it too) and paypal your hearts out.

Early reg is closed now. But sit tight! We'll open it back up as SOON as we have the location and dates sorted.
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It's always something, right?

So I was going to download last night's ep myself for the viewing later today. But as much as the hotel loves all of us, it doesn't like my mac so much. So, could someone please download the ep for our viewing this afternoon? The dvd player we're using will play anything, so an .avi file on a data disc is just fine. THANKS!

Also, this is my tel #: 213-840-1699. If you guys need anything, just call.
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Breakfast tickets


As most of you know, the con provides you breakfast on Saturday and Sunday mornings. This year, you will have two tickets to the buffet in the hotel restaurant. The buffet opens early and goes until about 10am.

The tickets for your buffet will be given to you by the hotel staff at check in. Since not all of you will be there at check in, the hotel will have a list attendees at the front desk. To get your vouchers, just show them your con badge and they will give them to you.

ETA: The hotel finally realized I'm smarter than they are and is now giving me the tickets to put in your con packets instead of making you come to them. Go me. The following still applies though:

These tickets must be presented in the restaurant to receive your meal and they do not excuse anyone from tipping the wait staff that takes care of you during breakfast.
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Karaoke - Cathybites style

This is the second of two posts for Friday night activities at Wincon.

cathybites is hosting a karaoke outing Friday night as well. Cabs will leave the hotel around 9 for a short trek to the Ogden Street Bar where much merry will be made. Karaoke is a time honored tradition at Wincon and while we aren't doing it on site this year, it's always an epic adventure. If you are interested in going, respond here or ping Cathy directly. She has a post in her LJ about it as well.
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Banjo Billy Tour!

Ok, this is one of two posts regarding Friday night outings for Wincon.

gigglingkat and friends have arranged for a ghost tour of Denver on a giant hillbilly bus on Friday night leaving at 10pm. You can bring drinks and a friend or two as she has room for both. It's $14 per person and lasts about 90 minutes. If you are interested in going, please respond here or ping Ms. Kat directly.
tin hat

Second Annual Tin Hat Pageant

As you are packing you're Prom outfits, sexy lingerie and "Property of Jensen Ackles" t-shirts for Wincon, just a reminder that if you haven't died laughing at Bad Fic Idol, immediately following it on Saturday from 4pm-4:50pm we will be holding the...

Second Annual Tin Hat Pageant

Who can forget the brilliant sight last year of 100 fangirls beddecked in tinhat creations worthy of Project Runway! Now supplies will be available all day Saturday for your tinhat construction, but feel free to bring along any accessories that you feel will help you edge out the competition. Make it work fangirls!

This year there will be also be free for all trivia quiz to see whether you qualify for a restraining order. Misha's minions welcome. Actual prizes involved!

In addition i will be awarding the "Danneel Harris is more Awesome than You" Award (a set of bronze nail clippers), to the person who best pretends to be my girlfriend for the weekend.

ETA: FOIL WILL BE SUPPLIED. Just bring along any accessories to make sure your creation is the fiercest!