executive fangirl (coiledsoul) wrote in winchestercon,
executive fangirl

Wincon goes poly!

Some new posts are up on the new comm here. Don't forget to memberize yourself to the new comm and spread the word about it.

  • Registration is Officially Open for 2010! (LAST INFO POST TO THIS CON)

    Howdy, campers! This will be our last info post to the old con comm. If you STILL haven't friended the new one, please go here and add us to your…

  • New info up over at wincon

    Dates have been announced here! When reg and hotel reservations go live later this week, we will no longer be posting new con info over here. So if…

  • WinCon4 Vid Show

    Another year, another awesome gathering. There is nothing quite like a fangirl pajama party. Can’t wait for next year! As always, the Vid Show was…

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