executive fangirl (coiledsoul) wrote in winchestercon,
executive fangirl

While the getting's good

The last day, LE SIGH.

The "Future of Wincon" panel just ended and a few announcements were made.

First: Wincon will be multi-fandom next year. If you have some ideas you'd like to share about that send them to our new email, winconhq at gmail dot com. Pitch us an idea (or a location since we haven't picked one yet) and we'll see where it goes.

Second: Today and today only this year's attendees are able to buy a ticket for $75 here in Denver for next year's con. So why not you too? Follow the link to our new con comm (don't forget to friend it too) and paypal your hearts out.

Early reg is closed now. But sit tight! We'll open it back up as SOON as we have the location and dates sorted.
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