executive fangirl (coiledsoul) wrote in winchestercon,
executive fangirl

Breakfast tickets


As most of you know, the con provides you breakfast on Saturday and Sunday mornings. This year, you will have two tickets to the buffet in the hotel restaurant. The buffet opens early and goes until about 10am.

The tickets for your buffet will be given to you by the hotel staff at check in. Since not all of you will be there at check in, the hotel will have a list attendees at the front desk. To get your vouchers, just show them your con badge and they will give them to you.

ETA: The hotel finally realized I'm smarter than they are and is now giving me the tickets to put in your con packets instead of making you come to them. Go me. The following still applies though:

These tickets must be presented in the restaurant to receive your meal and they do not excuse anyone from tipping the wait staff that takes care of you during breakfast.
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