the whole slip shod shebang (ethrosdemon) wrote in winchestercon,
the whole slip shod shebang


Seriously, it's THIS WEEK. How is this the fourth year? I just do not even know!

We're as excited as you are here at Wincon HQ. Maybe more so. Personally, I am contemplating the logistics of getting my prom dress to Denver (haha, oh crap!) and we're already looking ahead to next year (yeah, already!).

This is just a little reminder post of the dos and don'ts of Being In Public:

DO politely greet other hotels guests like a normal, socialized human being.
DON'T offer strangers a peek down your shirt.
DO remain dressed in all public spaces.
DON'T wear inflatable penii on your head in public spaces.
DO remember that we're responsible for your behavior and don't particularly enjoy awkward conversations with hotel staff about con attendees screaming about porn in the hotel restaurant/trying to blow hotel staff in the parking lot/barfing in potted plants/swinging from the rafters dressed as harbor seal furries.

We really enjoy ourselves at the con and want you to do the same, but please please please don't make us cry (me) from embarrassment or threaten your life (J). Let's party, but remember this is the real world and not an AU where I'm married to Dean no rules apply. So this is to say: get down in Wincon spaces as much as you can manage, but chill in spaces where civilians roam free (remember: even Sam and Dean can pass).

K & J
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