executive fangirl (coiledsoul) wrote in winchestercon,
executive fangirl


Dark apparel is up at the Wincon 09 merch store with black tees starting at $21.99. Remember, 10% of proceeds go to our charity, the Dumb Friends League of Denver.

The list of attendees is also updated here. If you've registered recently, be sure to look and see I didn't miss you. I'll be updating hopefully for the last time early next week once any straggler checks may have come in. If you are planning on dropping a check in the mail tomorrow, please respond here and let me know so I can keep an eye out for it.

Tomorrow is the last day to register! You have until midnight EST to sign up through paypal. If paying by check, you must have it postmarked with 9/18. Any questions or special circumstances, please email us.

Is it SPN time yet?
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