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Room Parties / things to do in LA post

Spammity spam spam spam!

Here it is y’all, the thread to post your room party invitations. Please respond in comments (I’ve turned the notifier off, so post away) if you plan on having any kind of gathering in your room or elsewhere over the weekend and you want people to know about it. Before you post though, be sure to read this post regarding alcohol and room parties before solidifying your details.

But wait! There’s more…

On Saturday night, we have some unofficial, official goings on that you might be interested in as well. Some of us locals are gonna volunteer (limited space, so have a plan b) to take y’all out on the town (probably to West Hollywood for dancing, possibly to some live music, I have people looking into the different possibilities, which as you can imagine are myriad in this town.) To get on board for this, we’ll meet in the lobby of the hotel around 10pm on Saturday, and pair off from there.

Also, there is one of the oldest strip club /adult toy and video stores in Los Angeles, The Century Lounge, a very short walk from our hotel that may prove to be an exciting adventure (18 and up is ok) should anyone choose to gather and go. They’re open until 4am on Friday and Saturday and specialize in completely nude dancing, so there is no alcohol served in the bar. I think Dean himself would be very disappointed in all of us if only one trip was made.

Finally, the hotel is on a trolley route with several other hotels in the area for trips to the Manhattan Beach Pier and adjacent shopping center. This service runs from about 10am to 10 pm, 7 days a week. See HERE for a pdf file of the route and schedule. The stop closest to our hotel is located just across the street in the Westin Hotel parking lot. Best of all, the trolley is FREE! I think Sam himself would be disappointed if y’all came all this way to California and didn’t take a minute to see the ocean. 


P.S. If any of y’all are interested in a little poker action on Saturday night after the dinner, email me at coiledsoul at gmail dot com and I’ll see what we can do about that. Prepare to lose your shirts, and your milk money. ;)

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