October 18th, 2009


WinCon4 Vid Show

Another year, another awesome gathering. There is nothing quite like a fangirl pajama party. Can’t wait for next year!

As always, the Vid Show was one of the great highlights for me. Thanks again to all of you amazingly talented people for contributing your work.

We were not able to burn DVDs of the show this year, but we do have permission to post links to all of the full-length vids, so click away and give the artists some love. Collapse )

In addition to the individual links, I've got the 2.7gb ISO file available for DL if you’d like to see the show in toto.

First, I compressed it down as a single 833mb file, but I also split it into two uncompressed parts in case your technology doesn’t play well with .RAR files. All are loaded on ADrive, and are easily reactivated if you find the files have expired – just comment and I’ll re-share. If you'd like to burn your own DVD of the complete vid show, this is the only way to get it. See below the cut for directions. Collapse )