September 24th, 2009

rl - cowgirl up

it's rex manning day!

Hey, congoers! So I've updated the con attendee list for the final time (I hope!) Please check it and make sure I didn't miss your registration.

We're busy at con headquarters getting all the last minute decisions made for the grub and the booze and the decorations for Prom. If you have any questions or concerns, please shoot us an email.

A couple of reminders:

We still need volunteers! If you've got an hour to spare please post a comment there and let us know.

tjournal our raffle mistress is still accepting donations to our charity raffle here. If you have something to donate, please let her know. If it's the Jensen slave-bot you've been building in your basement though, you can send that info straight to Kassie.

Can I haz show now plz?
rl - cowgirl up

Geeks like us

Some folks have expressed some concern about Prom Night. "Do I have to dress up?" "My prom was awful in High School! I don't wanna come!"

This party is for each and everyone of you. So yes, we're calling it a Prom. But really, if you wanna come in your PJs we think that's awesome. It's only a name and the real focus is for you guys to have a night with your fellow gals (and one guy!) to just have fun and celebrate the awesomeness of fandom. So no fears, only good times!