September 15th, 2009

leggings and booze


(work with me people - it's the best I got)

Hi, tis me, T, your raffle mistress for Wincon. I am here to solicit your donations for our MOST AWESOME charity raffle, benefitting Denver Dumb Friends League. Raffle tickets will be available at registration and through out the days/evening, until the big drawing during Prom.

Show-themed items are of course most welcome but we've always been so fortunate to get beautiful handmade pieces (jewelry, knit items, art) so really, anything goes. :) If you have your own business, please include your business card/business information with your donated item so we can make sure you get credit and publicity.

If you are donating something(s), please just drop a note here to let me know as I need to make up the flyer before we actually arrive in Denver. I'll be at registration (girl in glasses and striped socks and possibly with a drink in my hand) so you can give it to me when you arrive.

Thank you in advance for your generosity - and don't forget to buy scads of tickets when you get there!

T., raffle mistress

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