September 14th, 2009

rl - cowgirl up

expect delays

Hey, Ladies! Three weeks and change! I spent the weekend ordering all the stuff we're putting into your schwag bag this year. Y'all are gonna either fall over laughing or scream like fraidy-cat Dean when you see what we got you.

So the t-shirts are still being worked on. Next year we will not be using CafePress if we can help it. UGH. But I'll let you know as soon as the dark apparel is up.

Here's a delay you might like though. Due to overwhelming last-minute interest from lots of folks, we're going to extend the deadline for registration to this Friday, September 18th. Good, yes? Some of you have paydays coming up this Friday and it just makes the paperwork easier to extend it to then. If you wanna put a check in the mail on Friday too, that's fine. If you still need special consideration beyond this date and we haven't talked about it already, please let me know.