August 4th, 2009

spn - sam plots

I need your help!

Hey, girls! Did the Comic Con panel blow your mind? I was there at Comic Con, but actually at the Doctor Who panel. I know! BOO HISS, right? But in all fairness, it was David Tennant's FIRST APPEARANCE at an American con and well, Jared and Jensen weren't there. SIGH.

Anyway. So the prom theme is "Apocalypse Suite." Surprise! I know you all thought it was a close race. ;) Come as an angel and your date (and by date I mean room mate) can come as the devil. The Four Horsemen? There's at least four girls in your room, right?

In order to get the decorations ball rolling I need your help. We need someone with mad screencapping skills to send us the best possible screen cap of the boys in their tuxedos from "Red Sky at Morning." A few requirements:

1. Full body shot - head to toe
2. One of each of the boys seperately, not both of them in the same frame
3. No other person blocking them (to the side is fine)
4. HD quality and as high resolution as possible

If after meticulous scanning you've found that the cap just isn't there, please feel free to move on to eps like "What is and What Should Never be" where at least Sam is in a nice suit, or any other ep featuring them in black suits and ties. (I think you see where we're going with this!)

The first person to send us two photos that meet these requirements will get $15 off their con ticket and a special surprise at the prom. Please email your results to us at wincestercon at gmale dot com. Happy hunting!