July 8th, 2009

rl - cowgirl up

Quick Update

In the past 2 months I've:

Had my truck impounded at the cost of over $1k.

Had my beloved rescue cat Giles die in my arms from a vicious and sudden battle with cancer.

Got laid off from my job of 6 years

So uh, things have been NOT COOL and Wincon sorta got put on the back burner for awhile. But now I'm back and Kassie and I are starting to plan the more intricate details of this year's shindig. In the next few days I will finally update the "Who's coming" roster and we'll start asking you guys about panels and the prom and stuff.

In the meantime, there is an AMAZING sale going on at www.southwest.com until midnight tonight. Go check it out. Round trips starting at $60. NO LIE.