May 18th, 2009

rl - cowgirl up

You know you wanna come ;)

Good morning, ladies! We're in Denver, about to meet the hotel to work out some deets for this year. If you've got a moment, please take the time to fill out the poll below. We know times are tight for everyone out there and that this year's gonna be more of a last minute sign up situation because of that, so this info will help us determine what we can plan for you guys. Choose wisely! Comments will be screened.

Poll #1401743 Wincon 09 attendance poll

Are you coming to Wincon?

100% positive, I've already bought my wincon ticket
100% positive, but I haven't bought my wincon ticket yet
75% sure, it depends on...(tell us in comments)
50/50 chance, it depends on...(tell us in comments)
I cannot come to wincon this year because...(tell us in comments
rl - cowgirl up

Roommates thread

Just realized that we hadn't started a roommates thread for this year yet. So hey! Here it is. This thread will be linked in the comm sidebar from now until October.

When you comment, make sure to say whether you already have a room and are looking to share, or if you do not have a room and are looking for someone to take you in. Details on making reservations can be found in the comm profile (also linked in our sidebar.)

Remember that the hotel has told us explicitly that there are only 4 people allowed per double. Anything above that is grounds for being removed from the hotel by their management. If you guys go above that, we REALLY don't want to know.