May 14th, 2009


Finale Day!!

This is a sweet and sour kind of day, rite? 1. WHOOO NEW SHOW! 2. the last day before hiatus wank begins.

It's time Finale Scavenger Hunt! Are you ready? Like last week, the first three people to complete the scavenger hunt according to my random and totally obscure rules will get $15 off their Wincon ticket (or will be reimbursed if they have already paid!).

Come waste your time ticking down the minutes until the finale begins with other fangirls in the comments here or scavenger hunt or write porn, whatevs!

Scavenger Hunt Items:

1. Links to three SPN xovers--each xovers with DIFFERENT fandoms--from writers not on your fl.

2. A non-Wincest SPN macro.

3. A drabble of original fiction told from the pov of one of Jared's dogs. (It does not have to be high quality nor a true drabble--we do not get involved in the "what is a REAL drabble" war.)

4. A recipe for your favorite/a really crazy sounding cocktail.

5. Three FAKE twitters you can imagine Jim Beaver or Misha Collins posting on their twitter accounts.

Once the contest winners have arrived in the comments, the next FIVE people to complete the contest will be rewarded with short fics written by me at their request, if they would like to play on for such a reward.

If squeetastic madness so overwhelms you that this thread cannot contain your !!! and capslock, also check out: missyjack's superwiki twitterpation campaign.

Even when the contest is over, please feel free to use the thread as a squee zone for all your SPN finale needs!