May 7th, 2009


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Remember me?

So this year we're gonna do something different. To commemorate the last couple of episodes of the season (weep!), we're going to have a GAME and the winners of this game will get $15 off their Con fee. Sounds pretty sweet, right?

What's this game? you ask! Come closer, I'll tell you.

This week and next week on Thursdays when you're in your pre-SPN frenzy, to keep you occupied we're going to have an Internet Scavenger Hunt. As stated above, the first three people who complete this hunt successfully will get $15 dollars (at least two drinks in the bar) off their Con fee.

Also, you can come squee in comments to fellow Com members and friends from Cons past and friends from Cons future, rite?

Ok, so these are the items this week:

1. A poem that you can reasonably claim to be written by Misha Collins. That means fake poems from fanfic don't count. Apparently, it's out there because the Australian media got a hold of that "Baby Pants" poem. Knock yourself out. But we hesitate to encourage crazyass stalking, so maybe don't google his mom's email and ask her to c&p poetry.

2. A babelfish translation of a passage from an mpreg fic (can be either rps or SPN).

3. A link to a squee post from a previous season. A. it cannot be your own and B. it has to be from a PREVIOUS season.

Come back, comment here, and I will allot the remittances based on timestamps!

Only two more episodes... *single Dean-like tear*

Eta: Even if we have all the winners, please feel free to troll the post and to link to crazy crap and to squee about the Con!