March 31st, 2009

Velma rules


now that I have your attention.

So, some of you may remember (and some of you may not *drunk* *koff*) that the_ellcrys  went around with her camera last year in Baltimore taking pictures of cleavage at the Kareoke party.

Well, we've created a Photobucket account just for Wincon photos (a folder for each year) and Tiffany is working on getting those boob picks ready to go up. 

what I'm saying is... Speak now or forever hold your lift and separate.  Actually, that's not entirely true.  We will not be posting any pics on the internet, boobs or otherwise, without the specific explicit permission of the parties involved.

Faces can be easily cropped. Just sayin'.  Also, the Photobucket account is password protected.

Comment here with yay or nay.

The question is:  Can we put pictures of you taken at Wincon in previous years (might as well cover nashville and LA while I'm at it) in the password protected WINCON Photobucket account?  Faces can be blurred or cropped.